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Sensitive music and the kids that cry while listening to it.
Man, I'm so emo right now it hurts.
by Rachel October 04, 2003
what the fuck?!
If people like this girl and think she rocks...then God help us all!!...
every single last one of us
ex.- s8ter boi
by rachel February 21, 2004
comes from the japansese language, means something like "OH MY GOSH," an exclamation
"Oishi! I dropped my fork!"
by rachel March 05, 2005
1-A person who can't understand the meaning of the words..shut the fuck up!!
2-A person who fooled me into thinking he was cool...I see the light now... and I want my 15 bucks back.
3-A person who can't hide his obbession with ripping off female clothing
1-Like I love you, Rock your body, Cry me a river, etc
2-getting too much fucking play on BET, you don't see Snoop on CMT do you?
3-Hasn't he ripped open enough shirts in his days...damn!
by rachel February 20, 2004
An embarassing exposure that can be blamed on clothing.
No, Janet didn't flash the world on purpose. That was a costume malfunction.


Oh, my fly's down? What a costume malfunction.
by Rachel February 03, 2004
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