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A term of utmost hatred used to define someone with a weight problem; this term should not be used in reference to someone who could kick your ass, only in situations where the fatass is totally immobile or just a pussy.
Hateful Person: Put those Cheetos down you fucking fatback
Fatback: Dude, I'd hit you if I could get up off this bed.
Hateful Person: Yeah, you're fuckin-a right you grotesque fatback mother-fucker.
by Raagers October 18, 2004
a. A shortened form of the hair style 'chili-bowl.'

b. A haircut that is accomplished by shaving around a bowl on someone's head, leaving the top longer than the bottom with no fade whatsoever.
Oh my God! Did you see Mac? That fool has a straight chile-bowl!
by Raagers October 18, 2004
Someone that is lacking in coolness in every way.

A variant form of 'ragly,' manifesting from Raag considering the monster in Mary Shelly's Frankenstein to be ragly.
Alright Raglestein, why don't you back up off before I tell Pize to put your ass on clock.
by Raagers October 18, 2004
The act of intercepting the opposing team’s pass in Blitz 2000 or Blitz 2001 with St. Louis Rams defensive back Dexter McCleon.
(To opponent(s) after Dexter McCleon interception) Uh!!! Layin' down the McCleon on yo ass!
by Raagers October 12, 2004
A Lincoln Town Car approximately anywhere from the year 1990 to 1997 that is lowered, has purple paint, gold wire wheels, a tendency to ruin your day upon sight, and one distinguishing feature: on the top of the front windshield, which is always tinted to unreasonable proportions, a large sticker in old English lettering that simply says, 'Stankin Lankin.'
Whoever: Dude, I saw this truck on my way over here... so fuckin Mexicaned-out.

Raag: No, the most Mexicaned-out thing ever was Stankin Lankin.

Whoever: Oh shit, I completely forgot about that. Your right. This was bad though.
by Raagers October 21, 2004
Something that is lacking in coolness in every way.
Plo, dude, quit bein' ragly and don't be afraid to take a sheist in someone else's house
by Raagers October 18, 2004
A pair of Pony cleats that are gained through joining a school athletic team with the attainer of the Pony cleats quitting directly after aquisition of said cleats, and then wearing the same cleats to school and other public functions until the cleats are worn down to shoes.
Dude, remember in 7th grade when that fool sported the Billy-Pones?
by Raagers October 11, 2004

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