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When you are interested in a person at a party, you are on the verge of making a move, and just as you are about to you find someone else already making out with them, etc.

Also used in the present tense as "intercepted"

Person 1: I went to make a move on that girl, but she was tongue deep in another dude's mouth.

by esj5004 September 03, 2007
25 3
When you steal someone elses girl or girlfriend (commonly used among Football Jocks)
jock 1: Matt intercepted carly right from Dylan !!

jock2: That kid gets interceptions on and off the field

jock1: yea I feel kinda bad for Dylan though
by Jock 059 January 07, 2010
19 5
When a man is about to ejaculate on a woman's face, and she catches the jizz and throws it back in his face.
Don't tell anyone bro, but after I came on her face, she went for the interception. Who does that?!
by ChodeMcgee April 04, 2010
8 3
a pass thrown to the wrong team
every time kelsey is quarterback she throws an interception
by brett farve the great October 22, 2008
8 4
When you try to ejaculate in a girls mouth, miss, and get it to land in another girls mouth.
I was getting it on in the air plane when some girl got an interception with my cum shot
by Lick n stir January 15, 2014
2 0
To "interCept" an enemy and kill him.

#interCeption * Titanium : Enemy Spotted

#interCeption * Titanium : Enemy Down
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
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