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a highly versatile word, usable in a wide variety of contexts and parts of speech:
1) sheist, verb: to steal, snatch, snag anything that rightfully belongs to someone else
2) sheisty, adj: questionable, deceitful, shifty
3) sheisted, adj: drunk, inebriated, not in one's right mind
4) sheist, interjection: "damn," "darn," curse used to express that one has been inconvenienced, or sheisted out of something
-Dude, I was sheisted out of my mind at that party last night!

-Awww SHEIST! I wish I was there!!

-Naw don't feel too bad... there were some pretty sheisty individuals there, & someone sheisted my wallet!
by Dabes90 August 14, 2010
to take somthing that isn't yours
someone done sheisted my cell phone.
by mini September 27, 2003
One who exists as a shadow where shadows do not.
He is neither living nor dead; but a sheist is he.
by s.s. July 18, 2004

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