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The beast that gamers sacrifice to their heathen god, to ensure plentiful apple fritters, and also because they are violent little psychos.
Gamer1 "we scarifice the Harvest Moon Cow to you, for plentifull apple fritters"
Gamer2 "awesome" (he's not the god, we think)
by RTOONS42 June 16, 2009
GOOGLE SEARCH -rhyce frittum
Did you mean Rice Fritter?, no , no I fucking didn't.

Ass hole google
GOOGLE SEARCH -rhyce frittum
Did you mean Rice Fritter?
by RTOONS42 June 03, 2009
Wang-dangre is a word used as an insult, it could mean anything it just depends on how you use the word and how the person you are saying it to takes it.
It is usually used as a joking insult.
Example 1-

person 1- "you bloody Wang dangre you knocked my drink off the table"
Person 2- "oi, don't call me that it was an accident"
Example 2- (a joking way of saying it)
When in a car yell out wang-dangre at random people that you pass.
by RTOONS42 June 09, 2009
Porridge fail is a person, whom fails at making porridge,

There porridge making skills are below zero, it is near impossible for them to make porridge,

-My little brother was the first person classified as porridge fail.
-Little brother walks in with slop that should be porridge-
Me- "what the hell is that?"
Him- "Porridge dumb ass"
Me- " listen boy I know porridge and that is NOT porridge, you my friend are a Porridge fail"
by RTOONS42 June 13, 2009
A meese is the plural of moose.
Like mouse and mice.
"look there is a moose"
"look there are two meese"
by RTOONS42 June 16, 2009
Blorn is blob porn.
You never ask, "Are you inot Blorn?", because every one likes Blorn insted you ask, "what colour/flavour Blorn you into?"
"what colour/flavour Blorn you into?"
"Purple/ lime flavour"
by RTOONS42 November 04, 2009
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