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A person who blames the music industry for stopping Napster and Other P2P services. Sometimes complaining that they can no longer download music but in reallity just wanted porn (because they have no girlfriend).
"Yeah, John is a napster-bitch, he cried for days about not having porn after Napster got shut down."
by RC March 11, 2003
Related to methamphetamine, crank, gilly. If you've ever met a hardcore tweaker they'll report seeing monsters and other hallucinations after being up on the drug for days. Some call them the gillymonster.
fuck dude this one time i was up for 5 days straight and the fucking gillymonster was going to fucking get me!
by RC November 03, 2004
Moby is a talented musician who helped make electronica what it is today.

Neverthelesss, other artists/groups such as Orbital, Underworld, Kraftwerk, the Prodigy, the Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, DJ Shadow/U.N.K.L.E. ,Aphex Twin ,Crystal Method, heck even Fatboy Slim and i'm sure i'm forgetting more groups etc. have had more impact on electronica music overall, than Moby has.

Moby's music definitely soared in popularity with he album Play. The album Play however, was just freeriding off the popularity of other albums that came out earlier such as: Chemical Brothers' Dig You Own Hole and Prodigy's Fat of the Land, and Daft Punk' Homework. It was these earlier albums that had the tough job of cracking the North American market for electronica, so they set it up for an American act such as Moby to be more successful.

But if you have been listening to electronica/rave/techno before it exploded in 1997 you would've have recognized the pioneering albums such as Prodigy's Music for the Jilted Generation and Experience , Chemical Brother's Exit Planet Dust, Orbital's self titled Orbital and Orbital2, Kraftwerk's Computer World etc.

That is not to say Moby wasn't making music before electronica was big in North America. It's just that he didn't make a big impact then. Most people just knew the single 'Go'.

For some reason, to me it seems that people in America credit Moby mostly because he's American and he's got some opinion about everything. He's more in the public eye. Or perhaps, maybe they give him patronage because Eminem picks on him and we feel sorry for him.
Whatever the reason, the above mentioned artists (are more influential musically and internationally.)
Still, I like that New York egghead's music. My fave song of his is 'God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters'.
by RC April 24, 2005
A greeting among peers
Whats up ARF
by RC October 30, 2003
Fat imbecile that dropped out of Wigston College and sucked Janine's tits
bussey is well gay
by rc March 23, 2003
a noun meaning someone who is obscenely sweet. others may be jealous from their incomprehensible sweetness
dawg, busta roge.. hes incomprehensibly ghettofabolous! Hes like.. phenomenal, i dont even know, its so complicated like.. trigonomenal? fo sho
by RC May 05, 2004
Calculator for lazy students in high school who can't graph, want to play addictive and fun games in class and/or want to cheat on their tests.

Graphing calculators make students lazy and makes them insecure about their innate potential.
Average student: Wait! I can't graph y=x and y=sin(x) without my trusty Ti-83.

Intelligent, hard-worknig, and confident student: graphs the equations long before the average student keys in the first equation on his/her graphing calculator.
by RC April 06, 2006

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