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The master of many slaves that make up the working class.

Coffee should be drank either black or with no more than 15% cream and sugar to be truly enjoyed. However, many people prefer beverages that try to pass for coffee but are like less than 50% coffee and mostly milk/cream and sugar.
I can't function in the morning without at least 1 cup of Columbian brew coffee.
by RC July 16, 2005
Simple to learn, high-level, object-oriented programming language.
Many 1000 page doorstops are available for teaching this language. (I'm not poking fun at these books. Some of them are actually useful.)
using namespace std;

int main()
boozeType beerBrand;



return 0;
by RC February 06, 2005
The most kickass web browser out there now (developed by Mozilla). It is so superior in comparison to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Try it! You'll wonder how you ever surfed the net without it.

You won't be disappointed.
Support open source. Support Mozilla.
by RC March 03, 2005
Real deal.
Oilers on early trains had to be oiled to stop friction on the drive wheels. Oilers always failed... except the McCoy brand and they became known as the best and 'the real McCoy'
These appear to be the real McCoy.
by RC November 10, 2003
Sheesh Ninja Disaster, you have to do some research before blasting Mensa members like that.

True: Mensa is an organization for people with high IQs. Their requirement for entry is that their potential members must score within the top 2% in their standardized intelligence test.

False: Unlike some people would have you believe not all Mensa members are snobbish assholes. Also, their meetings are not just about academic endeavors . Many of them know that being extremely intelligent can be socially awkward so their meetings are a chance for these members meet other socially awkard intelligent people and do normal everyday things that regular "Schmoes" like you and I would do.
Famous Mensa members:

-Asia Carrera (famous pornstar)

-Geena Davis (famous actress)

-Jodie Foster (do I need to explain?)

by RC April 20, 2005
A break period used to go masturbate because you're aroused or your mind is preoccupied with sex. Typical among males. Jerk breaks are usually taken during periods of light physical activity and intense brain activity such as studying for a midterm, writing an essay, reading a book for your book report, filling out tedious income tax forms, or what have you.
Jerk breaks are cathartic in many ways.
Man I've been reading this same fucking page for fifteen minutes and I've got a big boner and can't concentrate. I think this calls for a jerk break. JERK BREAK!

Do girls go for jerk breaks? who knows?
by RC April 19, 2006
A person who collects books, newspapers, articles, journals, ebooks, webpages, magazines or any medium of information but has never read them or does not plan to read them in the future. Just collects all kinds of information which will eventually clutter up his/her bookshelf, filing cabinet, drawer, chest, binder, hard-drive, floppy disk, cd, house etc.

Similar to an info junkie who collects all kind of information, but unlike an info junkie who uses the information, an information pack rat accomplishes nothing.

A person who takes out 10 library books at a time and reads none of them is kind of like an information pack rat except he/she does not get to keep the books.
Man! I have so many books on diverse subjects like philosophy , mathematics, cooking, rock n' roll history and politics and I've never finished reading either of them. Now I'm out $500 for buying these books and know nothing new. I'm such an information pack rat
by RC September 27, 2005
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