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person that made it big and doin their thing...buht is still tha same person, and didnt let they head get big. didnt chnge at all.
even though i got my own c.d.
maybe even on t.v.
there ain't no changing me
i can only be me me me
even though i might be on t.v.
cause i got my own c.d.
all you will ever see
same ol' "G"
by Puppet January 06, 2005
a term used in referring to ejaculation
i spit my gypht all over her balloon knot
by puppet April 01, 2005
another word for ejaculation
i spit my gypht all over her baloon knot
by puppet April 01, 2005
one who gives of his come often and freely.also known as loadstar
will come on que, but never for profit or fame.
as he walked off into the sunset,
she wept,
for she knew she may never cross paths with the cumstar again
by puppet April 01, 2005
word used to clown on a girl who rockin uh track in her hair.
deng look at Tameeka wit all that track in her hair, she straight up untrackable.
by Puppet January 05, 2005
During the act of anal sex, or due to insertion of the penis into 1. a female, 2. a male, or 3. an animals anus, particulate matter of feces will escape with the departure of the penus, causing thus forth, a "poop monster"

The "poop monster" has escaped from the cave!
bobo is a gay cheater w00t
by Puppet August 28, 2004
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