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During the act of anal sex, or due to insertion of the penis into 1. a female, 2. a male, or 3. an animals anus, particulate matter of feces will escape with the departure of the penus, causing thus forth, a "poop monster"
The "poop monster" has escaped from the cave!
by ILikeToGiz.COM July 08, 2003
a monster that lives deep inside the pipes of your toilet. eats all the poop and instantly grows bigger until the toilet backs up or goes into your average toilet clogging. then before the plunger hits,, it goes deep into the sewer until the left over excrament is removed. dont be alarmed,, they only feed on fecal matter and most every average household posesses a poop monster.
i think we've got ourselves a poop monster in our toilet... time to call the plumber / exterminator.
by PUSSYPEEPER June 22, 2009
A guy who loves to dance around in poop until he is covered in it. Can be considered an insult.
Sean Ramon is a major poop monster. Don't you hate how poop monsters are such poop monster? If I was a poop monster I'd pick on myself all the time for being a poop monster.
by JarMan September 21, 2003
n. adj. A person who is so inclined as to attack people in the middle of the night with various means, the least of which is human feces.
1) "Dude your friend is such a poopmonster."
by Base Shakers September 12, 2003
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