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a bitch who fucks without protection, therefore shits babies...
Pamela Anderson is a babyshitter and i'm surprised Paris Hilton doesn't enter this definition..
by Puhercules May 08, 2010
The orifice of a woman's body from which babies are delivered into the world
Susan: What's wrong?
Jane: There is a little head sticking out of my baby shitter
by 9o47 December 07, 2007
A babysitter who does a shitty job at watching the baby.
Beth fell asleep on the couch while the baby sat in a dirty diaper and was crying for hours. What a babyshitter.
by cords December 21, 2011
A diaper
"Fuck Louise, I can’t change another babyshitter. Feed Timmy some percocets that'll block him up for awhile"
by Professor Precious March 04, 2015
one who is extremely arrogant
one whom is hated
one who shits infants
That MAN IS A babyshitter !!!!!

the agents from the matrix are babyshitters
by yrmom December 21, 2006
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