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a bitch who fucks without protection, therefore shits babies...
Pamela Anderson is a babyshitter and i'm surprised Paris Hilton doesn't enter this definition..
by Puhercules May 08, 2010
The orifice of a woman's body from which babies are delivered into the world
Susan: What's wrong?
Jane: There is a little head sticking out of my baby shitter
by 9o47 December 07, 2007
A babysitter who does a shitty job at watching the baby.
Beth fell asleep on the couch while the baby sat in a dirty diaper and was crying for hours. What a babyshitter.
by cords December 21, 2011
one who is extremely arrogant
one whom is hated
one who shits infants
That MAN IS A babyshitter !!!!!

the agents from the matrix are babyshitters
by yrmom December 21, 2006