16 definitions by Puhercules

a bitch who fucks without protection, therefore shits babies...
Pamela Anderson is a babyshitter and i'm surprised Paris Hilton doesn't enter this definition..
by Puhercules May 08, 2010
one who pretends to know it all, but the source of info is wikipedia..they even quote exactly as written in the article and denial is always part of their personality
regular dude: i love the way minne riperton sings..
wikiposer: Riperton is perhaps best remembered today for her ability to sing in the whistle register, in which she had rare facility.

OR they even citate what they shouldn't

regular dude: shit, i love beer..
wikiposer: Beer is the world's oldest1 and most widely consumed2 alcoholic beverage and the third most popular drink overall after water and tea - see image above-
regular dude: wtf?
by Puhercules May 17, 2010
A status where you MOST forget bout your social life or any fun activity to remember you are married, and that includes doing the shittiest duties a man can ever be asked to do...
-Jenny's gotta period and she needs some tampons...i'm now on husband's duty
by Puhercules May 08, 2010
porn for 30-year old nerds and virgins
my cousin is a nerd, lives in my aunt's basement, works at a comic store and is a nerd, therefore, he sees hentai...
by Puhercules August 08, 2009
a person who creates "facts" to prove an accusation...
a portmanteau of accusation and hallucination.
a: i heard that 8 out of 10 guys take a dump on their gf in the second date...
b: where you heard that?
a: i just did it..
b: nah! bullshit! you're an accucinator..
by Puhercules July 30, 2009
adj.- an automatic boner for you to jerk off after seeing a real hot chick in any format (magazine, video, real, etc.)
1: dude! did you see that chick's ass?
2: perfect! i guess that's why jonas went to the bath..
1: total jerkomatic...i'm goin' too
2: wanker...
by Puhercules July 30, 2009
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