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To milk an injury or sickness for attention/pity, much more than warranted for. Coined after the name of the wife seen in the Nyquil television advertisements of 2011/2012: "Pam.. Pam.. Can you call my mom?"
"Ohhh owwww, my leg is SO sore, I can't even walk. Can you get me a blanket?" "Quit pamming."

"David was pamming so much last night, asked me to take him to the hospital because he had the sniffles."
by Pseudonymmm January 30, 2012
An ailment in which, when a female is in a relationship, and her significant other has a close female friend, she becomes enraged and assumes that they are having a torrid affair any time the male and female friend see each other.
Though Tom and Charity were merely walking to the store to buy some chips, Tom's girlfriend threatened to end the relationship if he didn't turn around and run back home without Charity. Charity thought to herself that surely, Tom's girlfriend had a serious case of Larissa Syndrome.
by Pseudonymmm November 15, 2007
In essence, another term for shit or crap. Log can be used to describe something that is not enjoyable, annoying, useless, ect. Its an all encompassing word for negativity, and can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective.
"Sara is so log, she keeps yelling at me."
"Today's weather is massively loggish."
"I've really got to log, where's the washroom?"
by Pseudonymmm November 29, 2007

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