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It has characteristics as a noun (the absolute and total), a verb (you schultzed her), an adjective (he is a totally schultz dancer), etc...Its meanings are endless, AS long as used correctly.

Some definitions:

schultz (n.) = a good friend or an unknown stranger. often paried with words of extremity, i.e. complete, total, utter, absolute, etc

schultz (adj.) = used to describe nouns. often paired with adverbs, "unbelievably, incredibly, totally, ridiculously, etc"

to schultz (v.) = to do any of various activities. Use is generally considered acceptable when the term has been previously used in the same context.

Other ex:
to schultz is smoke doob, slam, generally hang about acting like schultzes, etc

a schultzyization can be when you're standing in a small circle of people and somebody steps in front of you and pushes you out of the circle.
Jeremy, "Ohh sup!"
Aaron, "Sup schultz!"
Jeremy, "Alright let's do something but I don't want to go anywhere totally schultz."
Aaron, "Clearly."

Josh, "Dude, you should just schultz her already."
Jamison, "Ech."

Todd, "Sup dude? Let's go."
Jesse, "Eh I dunno... I'm kind of feeling like a schultz today.
Bryce, "Hey! Don't be a complete and total schultz! You're coming with us."

Nuñez, "Dave what did you end up doing?"
David, "Dude I couldn't take it. I had to get out of there. Her boyfriend was just this totally random schultz."
by ProliferateSchultz October 30, 2006
A notably big, wide ass.
Jamison, "Dude you gonna ask Harmony out this summer?"
Nuñez, "She used to be fine, but shit no! You see the size of her gunboat?
by ProliferateSchultz November 12, 2006
A modified, sort of street-talk way of saying "damn."

Usually said with some attitude or spunk (generally by girls with an edgy/pseudo-street-attitude). Sometimes said with a Latina accent and an "mmmm hmmmm" sort of look/gesture.

--> Other spellings include Edamn.
{{A group of high school juniors discuss college plans}}

Teacher, "Aaron, how about you - any thoughts on college?"
Aaron, "Yeah, I've been pretty set on Emory for awhile now."
Molly, "Ih Damn! Like you been thinkin about college for three years!"
by ProliferateSchultz November 07, 2006
A mixture of being sullen, morose, removed, unmotivated, distracted, unusually quiet, etc.

Being broygus can be tied to being depressed, though broygusness is generally a temporary condition.
Generally those considered "broygus" are a buzzkill.

Of Yiddish descent.
Todd, "Yo peeps who's excited for tonight?"
Bryce, "Well we all would be if Jamie wasn't completely broygus."
Jamison, "I am definitely pretty broygus."
Nuñez, "Yeah dude and it's seriously bringing us all down."
by ProliferateSchultz November 07, 2006
A supisization (pron. sup-ih-sy-zation) generally takes place in a group setting.
The "supisizer" will discretely block his/her cell phone number, and call someone else in the group.
When that person answers their phone, the supisizer repeatedly yells "SUP!?" into the phone. The person who answered their phone has been supisized.

Can also be done in a one-to-one setting, but it's not quite as effective.
{{A group of friends is hanging out}}
Jeremy discretely blocks his phone number and calls Jesse's cell phone.
Jesse's phone rings.

Jesse, "Hello?"
Jeremy, "SUP?!"
Bryce, "Oh, ih damn! Nice supisization, Jeremy!"

The group laughs uncontrollably.
This mercilessly repeats within the group.
by ProliferateSchultz November 06, 2006

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