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A supisization (pron. sup-ih-sy-zation) generally takes place in a group setting.
The "supisizer" will discretely block his/her cell phone number, and call someone else in the group.
When that person answers their phone, the supisizer repeatedly yells "SUP!?" into the phone. The person who answered their phone has been supisized.

Can also be done in a one-to-one setting, but it's not quite as effective.
{{A group of friends is hanging out}}
Jeremy discretely blocks his phone number and calls Jesse's cell phone.
Jesse's phone rings.

Jesse, "Hello?"
Jeremy, "SUP?!"
Bryce, "Oh, ih damn! Nice supisization, Jeremy!"

The group laughs uncontrollably.
This mercilessly repeats within the group.
by ProliferateSchultz November 06, 2006
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