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A notably big, wide ass.
Jamison, "Dude you gonna ask Harmony out this summer?"
Nuñez, "She used to be fine, but shit no! You see the size of her gunboat?
by ProliferateSchultz November 12, 2006
23 5
Exceptionally large feet.
A:"Dude what size shoe is that?"
A:"Yea, sounds about right, you got fuckin gunboats down there."
B:"You should see my cock."
by p2ryan August 03, 2008
13 3
Very muscular and slightly fatty man arms.
i got some gunboats on me dog.
by meecrob420 May 23, 2011
2 4
Well-formed female breasts.
"She has a nice set of gunboats".
by Dr. Ruth November 04, 2003
10 14