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Best thing God has ever invented
*Girl with TNA Pants walks by*
Arroused Guy #1: OMG dude look look look!
Arroused Guy #2: Holy Shit *Boner*
by PornSoldier June 28, 2007
Pun. Combination of "happiness" and "penis" to get the meaning happiness found in (having) penis...happiness for heterosexual women or homosexual men
Girl: Don't we all want hapenis?
by PornSoldier December 12, 2006
Most powerful hp recovering spell in the game of Final Fantasy.
Wakka: Quickly Yuna use Curaga! I'm dying!!!
Tidus: Nope he's gone...toss a Phoenix Down.
by PornSoldier November 28, 2006
For all you startrek fans...this is for you.

A simulated reality facility, generally on starships and starbases.
For instructions on how to build a Holodeck, refer to the internet.
by PornSoldier December 12, 2006
All you startrek fans...this is for you.

A protective shield or barrier made of energy to protect or isolate a person, area or object.
Captain: Computer create a forcefield around the warpcore in main engineering!
Computer: Specify frequency pattern...
Captain: I don't give a damn just create a forcefield!
*Forcefield activated*
by PornSoldier December 12, 2006
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