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8 definitions by Ponyboy

a fly MC, often apperaring alongside Talib Kweli, The Roots, or Common
mos def is one ill nigga, son
by Ponyboy August 03, 2003
A dildo made from frozen shit & Ceran wrap. In order to Icy J
one would take their girlfreinds (or their own) shit, put it in a freezer. When thouroughly frozen the Turd would be ceran wraped then used as a dildo.
Shit, My girlfreind keeps trying to make me make her shit into an Icy J and use it on her
by Ponyboy October 11, 2005
When you add a picture to a Yelp review and it's like way awesome and not exactly a picture from that business but just something so much cooler.
"Yo, you see that Waffle House page? I just Cooperman'd the hell out of it. LOL!"
by PonyBoy July 17, 2012
a joint laced with powder
pass the bone, kid, pass thebone. lets get on this mission like Indiana Jones
by Ponyboy August 03, 2003
a mackadocious playa
Damn,Ponyboy, you are the pizzimps of all pizzimps. I would sure like to sex your body
by Ponyboy August 03, 2003
ANY Japanese motor product. Usually deriving power from High RPM's and NOT from engine volume.
Man o Man listen to that rice burner go.....
by PONYBOY July 12, 2003
being comprised of the skin of an alligator. usually in reference to shoes
Ponyboy: i just got a new pair of gators
Rane: god i wish i was cool
by Ponyboy August 03, 2003