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Phrase used to describe the canon couple Tamaki Suoh and Haruhi Fujioka from the popular anime/manga "Ouran High School Host Club." Tamaki is a rich pretty boy found of the Host Club and the illegitimate son and heir to the owner of Ouran Academy. Haruhi is a poor girl who got into Ouran Academy on a scholarship. Her late mother, of whom she wishes to follow in the footsteps of, was a lawyer and her father is a professional transvestite. Due to her loose clothing and scattered appearance, Tamaki first mistook her for a boy. To pay off a debt she gained from breaking a vase, Haruhi had to masaquerade as a boy and join the Host Club.
I read this great Tamaharu fic last night! Tamaki and Haruhi admitted their feelings for eachother! It was so sweet!
by Poetic Ramblings July 15, 2010
The word that causes Mellie to (November/Madeline Costley) threaten she'll leave if Paul Ballard calls her in 1.10, "Haunted."

A word presumabley used to describe something 'incredibly adorable', and used when the phrase is very much an understatement.
"Ballard: I’m fine and you’re adorable. You’re beyond adorable, you’re…

November: as Mellie If you say “adorabubble,” I’m leaving.

Ballard: I wasn’t going to, but I love the fact you thought it was the next logical word."
by Poetic Ramblings August 24, 2010
Guy with a disproportionately large forehead. 'Nough said.
Angel (David Boreanaz) from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel, a spinoff series, is a Captain Forehead.
by Poetic Ramblings October 02, 2010
Phrase used to describe the incestual fan pairing of Simon and River Tam; both characters from Firely, a short lived sci-fi series, and Serenity, the movie sequel. River is Simon's 17 year old little sister, who became mentally and emotionally unstable after the government experimented on her for three years. Simon, a gifted young doctor, gave up his entire fortune and future to rescue his sister, tearing apart his family as a result. They both became goverment fugitives after River's rescue. There are debates as to whether hints of the pairing ever showed up in the show or not.

As a decision as whether or ot Tamcest exists is up to you.
Possible, completely unbaised, scenes and quotes that fans have interpreted as Tamcest:

In a deleted scene from "Our Misses Reyolds" River asks that Sheperd Book marry her and Simon. When Simon explains that they can't marry, River is still insistant o them "mating" or "doppling" as she spews adjectives for marriage. After a lengthy argument and a swift kick in the shin (by River of course) River stuffs a pillow up the front of her shirt and states that they must marry because she is "in the family way."

In an interview, and I paraphrase, Summer Glau stated that, in the future, she would "like to play another Whedon character that was not in love with her brother."

It is often rumoured, that Whedon stated in an interview that he had originally had a scene where River kissed Simon.

However, all of these can be made invalid if you account for River's mental instability, and that if she does like him, the end scene of Serenity between Simon and Kaylee proves that it was unrequited.
by Poetic Ramblings July 15, 2010
The fan pairing of Doctor Claire Saunders and Christopher "Topher" Brink; both characters from the hit sci-fi series Dollhouse. Clopher's relationship often flitted between hatred, friendship (well, tolerance) and unrequited love.
When Claire tried to seduce Topher, that was total Clopher.
by Poetic Ramblings July 15, 2010
Another word for Spuffy.
I read this awesome Bike fic yesterday! Buffy confessed her love to Spike!
by Poetic Ramblings October 03, 2010

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