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Phrase used to describe the canon couple Tamaki Suoh and Haruhi Fujioka from the popular anime/manga "Ouran High School Host Club." Tamaki is a rich pretty boy found of the Host Club and the illegitimate son and heir to the owner of Ouran Academy. Haruhi is a poor girl who got into Ouran Academy on a scholarship. Her late mother, of whom she wishes to follow in the footsteps of, was a lawyer and her father is a professional transvestite. Due to her loose clothing and scattered appearance, Tamaki first mistook her for a boy. To pay off a debt she gained from breaking a vase, Haruhi had to masaquerade as a boy and join the Host Club.
I read this great Tamaharu fic last night! Tamaki and Haruhi admitted their feelings for eachother! It was so sweet!
by Poetic Ramblings July 15, 2010
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