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Tall, blonde, and princely. A super sweet guy with a huge ego. He knows he's awesome. He just doesn't let you know that he knows.
Person A: Ohmygosh, look at that guy! He's surrounded by girls!
Person B: Yep, he's such a Tamaki.
by PseudonymsForPie January 30, 2012
A place in New Zealand where the BBIMers play basketball all day. It consists of a crew from a variety of different backgrounds.

Sam - From the Ling Dynasty
Chris - The token asian..he drinks rice wine dammit
Nadz - Yeah the hunter gatherer
Aseem - I think his real name is Raj and he got gurly hair
Fajji - Davoods son and got a love for anchor milk and bullets
Jay - Pretty sure he likes touching his toes
This cannot be used in an example..damn validation..Tamaki
by Nadzz July 26, 2006
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