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Butane Honey Oil. A very high potency 40-80% cannabis extraction made by passing triple refined liquid butane through a metal tube filled with powdered cannabis. It is then purged of butane and allowed to "cure" before smokinh straight or mixed with ether, ethanol or another solvent to allow for even application to marijuana or cigs.
"I'm high as a kite off of BHO"
by PharmaPharmer December 29, 2004
Abbreviation of Pink Floyd of music fame.
"I'm tired of listening to the dead, put some floyd on."
by PharmaPharmer December 29, 2004
The area code for the largest marijuana producing region in California. Used to denote very high quality and potent marijuana.
"I was hunting for some 420 but the 530 showed up!"
by PharmaPharmer December 29, 2004
Marijuana cultivar from the Hindu Kush mountian region of Afghanistan.
That Hindu Kush is some dank Afghani weed!
by PharmaPharmer November 07, 2006
A hybrid strain of Marijuana bred by The Joint Doctor that only grows a few inches to 2 feet tall and grows from seed to harvest in 8 weeks under 24 hour light in the case of indoor growers. As opposed to traditional marijuana strains that take as long as 12 weeks just in the flowering phase.
"I grew some dank Lowryder and it smoked well!"
by PharmaPharmer December 29, 2004
A way of spelling NorCal which is northern claifornia. The opposite of SoCal(southern California). Spelling common to Marijuana Growers Chat Boards.
"Shut the fuck up SoCal bitch, you're in Nor*Cal
by PharmaPharmer December 29, 2004
High potency marijuana extract produced by various means.

See also: BHO
"I was looking for hash but I scored some Honey Oil."
by PharmaPharmer December 29, 2004

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