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A small white trash town in butte county, ca where they make lots of meth.
How do you know the tooth brush was invented in Oroville?
If it were invented anywhere else it would be called the teeth brush!!!
by rsb139690 July 16, 2008
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Oroville is an insignificant, drab little town in Washington State well known for its cat piss aroma that can be smelled from Pentiction BC to Spokane WA depending on how the wind is blowing.

Oroville is also commonly referred to as, "Whore-oville," because of the megaSTD known as ghonnasyphaherpalaids (a combination of gghonnorrea, syphilis, herpes, and AIDS). Beware of all crackwhores, prostatots, and bar flies (basically the city's entire population). They are all known carriers.
1. "Dude, you just came from Oroville?! You might want to get yourself checked out."

2. "Hold you're breathe because we're driving threw Oroville!"

3. "Damn, the cat liter box doesn't even smell as bad as Oroville."
by Dr. Fuzzy Slippers December 31, 2012
The coolest Small town in California.Also know as the REAL O.C,(oroville,CA).Also can be defined as 'Da country' Or Da-Ville the big O-town.....just lots of things all meaning another town in another City.But is just way cooler b/c Desarae Allen lives there.
shes hot ;]
We went to OROVILLE,and it was the best place ive ever been.
We went to Oroville and saw a frog.
We played banjos in oroville.

by Desarae Allen June 26, 2006

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