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Short for Altoids the originaly celebrated curiously strong mint.
"Babe, your breath is rank, pop a toid!
by PharmaPharmer December 29, 2004
Gravity Toke: A hit out of a gravity bong or gravity toker.
"I packed you a fat GT, go hit it fool!"
by PharmaPharmer December 28, 2004
High on Crystal Meth and drunk on whatever.
"I got my crunk on last night and I still can't sleep, got twenty bucks man, I need twenty bucks, give me your mother fuckin' money bich or I'll blow your head off!"
by PharmaPharmer December 28, 2004
Crank, lower quality methamphetamine not the higher quality crystam version but the stuff that is brown some times and burns like hell. There are 2 types of gack. One eye and two eye. One eye refers to the burning pain and tearing in the eye after snorting. Two eye gack makes both eyes burn and water from snorting it in one nostril.
"I did some gack last week and I still feel like shit!"
by PharmaPharmer December 30, 2004
Good or drunk or fucked up. The west side of Chico california is dominated by low cost student housing. Many parties happen on the west side of town and most of the hot young women that attend California State University Chico live on the west side as well. West side has come to mean many things from exceptional to to terrible.
It would be halla west side if you fronted me a sack.

That chick is hella west side.

Damn that's a hella west side smell
by pharmapharmer February 26, 2005
Vagina. Especially hairy, post-cunninglingualy-moist vagina.
"I ate her gaunch untill she begged for me to ram it in her!"
by PharmaPharmer December 30, 2004
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