91 definitions by Patrick

Eat shit choke on a pretzel and die.
ESCOAPAD n00b!!! KEKEKEKE!!!11!one
by Patrick October 07, 2004
hockey hair basically
check out the flow on that kid dangling.
by Patrick January 23, 2007
One who likes large ladies.
Jamie May hearts fatties.
by Patrick April 13, 2005
a synonym for someone who experiences severe depression/hate and views the negatives of the world.
my friends girlfriend broke up with him last month, and he has been feeling like "a russian" since then.
by Patrick March 06, 2005
1. a taco from del taco that is disguting 2. someone who ruins everyones fun i.e. ALLY
ally why are you being such a poop taco
by patrick February 22, 2005
Meaning Hating Or As Most Of Yall Bitches No It "Beening Green As A Mother Fucker"
Man, You Beening "L12" For Not Passing The Blunt
by Patrick February 14, 2005
when ur gettin head and u gobble and wave ur hands around
when i was over jareds i heard a wild turkey sound coming from the bedroom
by Patrick February 09, 2005

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