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91 definitions by Patrick

To kill, usually using a 9mm gun.
Yo, that cat pissed me off, so I nined his ass.
by Patrick November 06, 2003
19 31

v. ha·do·kened, ha·do·ken·ing, ha·do·kens

1. To create and shoot a fireball from one's hands, usually of bluish hue, using secret ninja powers.


1. The act of hadokening.
2. The fireball created during the act of hadokening.


1. Spoken or exclaimed while hadokening.

From Japanese hadou, surge, doki, wrath, and ken, sphere.

ha·do·ken·er n.
ha·do·ken·a·ble adj.
ha·do·ken·ly adv.
M. Bison was defeated by Ryu's hadoken.
by Patrick March 08, 2004
21 35
It's a shortened version of a nice male purple people eatter.
Wow, that is a very nice male purple!
by Patrick November 12, 2004
3 19
To kill, as in put someone in a body bag.
Yo, I just bagged that mofo.
by Patrick November 06, 2003
12 29
A little boy thats not afraid of climbing trees because he has a "weenis"
I'm not a scaredy cat cuz i got a weenis
by Patrick March 03, 2005
25 46
A young, flaming gay male; bitch.
My boi would never wear anything that didn't have glitter or sequins on it
by patrick February 16, 2005
16 40
When a male human places his scrotum (i.e. testicles) upon another person's face.
"I was t-baggin my dad last night!"
by Patrick December 18, 2003
10 36