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35 definitions by PDXJohnny99

An intervention by family and friends with the intent of reaching out emotionally to a troubled individual, but it goes terribly wrong and ends up in possible arguments, anger, vulgarities, screaming, fist-fights, and visits to the nearest emergency room.
Uncle Bobby's intervention didn't go well this morning. We started with a prayer and it turned out he was on PCP and punched Aunt Angie in the face and kicked his buddy Mike in the groin. Then he grabbed their dog Ladie and dropkicked it across the living room. It turned out to be a fucking aggrovention.
by PDXJohnny99 April 14, 2013
When a doctor tests certain medications on a patient, but actually worsens the problem through trial and error.
Micky: my doc put me on antidepressants... but it actually made me suicidal... so he put me on another kind and now don't give shit about anything... so now he thinks I need a different kind... I feel like a lab rat!

Mallory: Sounds like pill roulette to me.
by PDXJohnny99 April 10, 2013
A phrase used to express how excited or mind-blown or confused you are feeling.
Snooter: Oh my GAWD!! That Inception movie was sooooo good.
Smitty: OMG, I had to watch it three times... I shit a brain the first time.

Snooter: Oh my GAWD!! That movie Memento was sooooo crazy.
Smitty: OMG, I had to watch it six times... I shit a brain the first five times.

Snooter: Oh my GAWD!! That movie Requiem for a Dream was sooooo intense.
Smitty: Uh... I actually had a seizure during that one. I shit my pants.
Snooter: For reals? Oh... my... gawd.
Smitty: yeah... flopped around for... well... through the rest of the movie, actually. My cat just watched me... he didn't call 911 or help out... so... I missed most of that movie. Not a big fan...
by PDXJohnny99 April 29, 2013
Those nightmares people tend to have related to their occupations. Often it tends to be a reoccurring nightmare and a supervisor is a prominant figure in the dream usually.
Wally recently started a new job as a master control operator at the local television station. He is the person responsible for making sure the television shows air perfectly. He is completely stressed out due to the fact that the job is hyper-technical and his work is being watched by thousands of viewers at any given time.
Now he's having jobmares. In these dreams he is constantly off-air and his boss either stands quietly behind him or screams in his face... and his entire shift becomes one major shitstorm and Wally's name becomes the source of constant putdowns around work. Then he wakes up.
He airs Headline News every shift at his job. The jobmares are ruining his sleep almost nightly. Last night he fell asleep at home with the tv on, then headline news came on and Wally snapped awake... thinking he missed his commercial break and ended up shitting the bed.
by PDXJohnny99 April 16, 2013
"Everyone gets 15 minutes of fame." 
-Andy Warhol

Derived from the quote of Andy Warhol, this term is directed to reality tv or YouTube type "celebrities" who gain recognition and publicity from their (often accidental) video submissions. The use of the word 'frames' is an allusion to the frame speed of video cameras, where 30 frames per second or 24 frames per second is standard speed for consumer/prosumer cameras, thus 15 frames of fame would equal half a second of fame.
Jason uploaded a video of his terrier "Murf". The video was recorded as the dog was eating cat poop from the litter box. Jason then yelled at the dog and it instantly took a dump in said litter box... then sniffed its own poop but was offended by the smell. Within days Jason's video went viral. His 15 frames of fame.
The buzz died and Jason was terrified his celebrity was at an end. He made many, many attempts to train his dog to do a multitude of things with cat poop but alas the dog proved it was a one trick phony. Murf only ate shit.
by PDXJohnny99 April 20, 2013
Someone who needs or tends to leave the television on to help them sleep. Usually rerunning a movie or tv show they've seen so many times to comfort (or bore) them to sleep.
Dave: Your wife Rhonda watches the same freakin' movie every night. Why?
Brent: It makes her fall asleep...and now it makes me fall asleep cuz its freakin' mind-numbing.
Dave: Dear God... I'm surrounded by tube snoozers.
by PDXJohnny99 April 11, 2013
Typical reaction when someone does something to themselves that is completely painful yet insanely cool.
Boggs: My buddy got Converse All Stars shoes tattooed on both his feet.
Goz: What the shit? His whole feet?
Boggs: Fuck yeah! His feet look like two pairs of Chucks.
Goz: Wowch! That is soooo gnarley, no pain no gain!
by PDXJohnny99 May 06, 2013