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n. An extremely fine looking man.
That Kaufman is so incredibly hot.

I'm so jealous of Amy, she's dating a Kaufman.
by Rizzle April 19, 2005
A mythical supernatural creature, famous in scandinavian folklore for causing mischief and annoyance to others. From the Troll species (trollus maximus difficultus) they are of a class that dwell in caves, mountains or in the Kaufman's case, under a bridge.
That Kaufman is such a f*cking troll, when is he gonna learn its just not funny the hundreth time?
by ProdigalSon October 22, 2009
The act of one defecating in the shower without cleaning it up.
Before we departed our hotel in Panama, our friend Rich left a Kaufman in the shower for the maid to clean up.
by brownwallet May 08, 2014

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