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Whenever someone eats any kind of sandwhich of burger on a sesame seed bun, and once finished proceeds to pick and eat the leftover sesame seeds off the plate or wrapper.
Dawn: Okay... are you done with you're roast beef sandwhiches? Let's go.
Smitty: No way. Sesame standoff.
Dawn: For real? You embarass the shit out of me when you do this!
Smitty then starts picking every sesame seed off the wrappers.
Dawn: I'm never eating out with you again, dad.
by PDXJohnny99 April 16, 2013
Zomsemble is derived from...
1. Rob Zombie: filmmaker.
2. Ensemble: a group of actors a director picks for his/her film.

This term not only defines single project ensembles, it embodies ensembles of Rob Zombie's entire body of work as well.

Rob Zombie has an extremely keen casting ability for amazing, talented, and underrated actors in all of his films. Here are a few: Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Malcolm McDowell, Sheri Moon Zombie, Danny Trejo, Ken Foree, Dee Wallace, Karen Black, William Forsythe, Brad Dourif, and many others.
Moe: Mr. Zombie has some of the best actors ever in his movies. His casting is... mind-blowing!
Waggs: Fuck yeah! The Zomsemble is completely killer.
Moe: I love his movies too.
Waggs: Oh... right. His movies are killer, too.
by PDXJohnny99 May 05, 2013
Someone who absoulutely loves rainy or cloudy weather.
Johnny lives in Portland because he loves loves loves the rain. It cheers him up. He is a rainiac.

Extreme rainiacs sit in the shower with an umbrella when rainy season is over.
by PDXJohnny99 June 01, 2013
When people don't want to address, debate or offer solutions about the growing issue of the homeless in America.

Wordplay derived from "The elephant in the room" phrase: important issues or subject matter that people tend not to want to discuss, thus overlooking the isuue.

Redlight is a reference to a traffic light; homeless often stand at traffic lights to aquire money from passing drivers.
Michelle was driving home from work and saw a man with a cardboard sign at the taffic light on the corner of Cornell. The Redlight Elephant struck, she wanted to help but drove right by the man.

Jen and Mike were approached by three homeless coming out of the bookstore. They didn't hesitate to walk past without making eye contact. Neither addressed the Redlight Elephant on their walk to the car.
by PDXJohnny99 May 10, 2013
Nickname for fans of the incredible HBO series Boardwalk Empire
Johnny: Boardwalk Empire is the most unpredicatable and most boldly written drama of the century! I am a Board WALKER!!
Dee: Well... our century is rather new...
Johnny: ....and the realism and the truth and the era and the acting... and the CHARACTERS! OMG!
Dee: uh...
Johnny: ...and the authenticity, the unflinching violence....
Dee: zzzzzzzzzzz
by PDXJohnny99 April 13, 2013
RomZoms is short for Romero Zombies. The films, shows, books or any media regarding the post-Night of the Living Dead/ George Romero type zombie subgenre. These zombies shuffle slowly, groan, feast on human guts and animals... and DO NOT SPRINT LIKE THEYRE TRYING OUT FOR FUCKING TRACK AND FIELD!

Not to be confused with pre-Romero voodoo zombies either... a defining factor is voodoo zombies don't eat people alive.
Brandon: Look at these zombies running faster than this physically fit guy.
Brent: Well... they're not Romzoms. So who cares?
Brandon: But their tendons are ripped, they can barely function mentally, how... HOW??
Brent: They're just not Romzoms. No need to even compare.
Brandon: You're right, bro... Romzoms will always rule. Romero is the king.
by PDXJohnny99 April 12, 2013
A remark used about something that is ongoing, redundant, never changing, redundant and redundant.
Melanie: I hate this job. I hate everyone I work with. They're all backstabbin' cocksuckers. I hate my salary. I can't afford to feed my fish. It's your fault, you dick!
Melanie's boss: You tell me that every time I breathe air.

Zoe: Gosh, I'm sick of this new server here at work.
Waggs: It crashes every time I breathe air. No worries.

Melanie: I hate being sober. I hate getting high all day. I hate you, dick. You raped my dreams and let them die, you fucker. I could have been a dancer, cocksucker.
Melanie's son: Yeah, I know, mom. You tell me every time I breathe air.

Waggs: Dang, how many times are they going to show Empire Strikes Back?
Zoe: Its Spike TV. They show it every time I breathe air. Heck, let's watch it again. No worries.

Melanie: Fuuuuuuuuuck. I hate my spending problem. I hate that I have no money to spend. I hate all this stupid shit I bought. I hate this clutter. I hate being called a fucking horder all the time. I fucking hate you, bitch. Why didn't you get me that abortion?
Melanie's mom: Trust me I would have gotten my abortion if I had the money.
Melanie: Wait... what?? YOUR abortion.
Melanie's mom: Oh dear. Did I say that out loud?
by PDXJohnny99 May 22, 2013

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