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1. When someone is masturbating and either an awful sound, smell, thought or sight suddenly disturbs the person, thus ending the masturbation process abruptly.

2. Whenever a masturbating session is disturbed.
A. Ray was masturbating when he unexpectedly thought about his neighbor's grandmother and completely lost his hard-on. It was masturbing.
B. Ray was masturbating in his car and, unexpectedly, his neighbor caught him. It was too masturbing for Ray to go on.
C. Ray was masturbating on the toilet when he unexpectedly heard his neighbor screaming in his sleep from night terrors. Ray was somewhat masturbed by this.
D. Ray was masturbating to online porn when, unexpectedly, he discovered his neighbor was watching him from the living room window again. Very masturbing.
by PDXJohnny99 April 18, 2013
A threat that's explains itself.
Big Brother: I'm gonna eat your cookies, sis. That okay?
Sister: You do and...I'll fucking eat your fucking eyeballs, fucker!
Big Brother: crunch crunch
Sister: If you fucking eat one fucking more I'll castrate your fucking dog with my teeth!
Big Brother: crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch
Sister: I'll fucking MURDER YOU TO DEATH!! FUCKER!!
Big Brother: crunch. crunch crunch crunch crunch. crunch crunch
by PDXJohnny99 April 16, 2013
A person who is not only a big mouth, but one that can't stop talking about themselves. Every conversation seems to loop back to 'them'.
Jesse: So, this has been the week from hell.
Chad: Fuuuuck... I've been there, I know what you're going through.
Jesse: Uggghh. My wife threatened to divorce me on Tuesday.
Chad: Oh, I went on a date last week... and she would not put out. Fuck that chick!
Jesse: Then my car's transmission went out.
Chad: Fuuuuck. I had a flat last month. Took AAA almost an hour to fix it.
Jesse: And my dog died.
Chad: Fuuuuuuuck. I know man. I had a goldfish die on me when I was ten.
Jessie: Your fucking goldfish?? You... you are a self-centered metamouth!! My God! Why do I come here every week?? You're the worst shrink I ever had.
by PDXJohnny99 April 22, 2013
Zomsemble is derived from...
1. Rob Zombie: filmmaker.
2. Ensemble: a group of actors a director picks for his/her film.

This term not only defines single project ensembles, it embodies ensembles of Rob Zombie's entire body of work as well.

Rob Zombie has an extremely keen casting ability for amazing, talented, and underrated actors in all of his films. Here are a few: Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Malcolm McDowell, Sheri Moon Zombie, Danny Trejo, Ken Foree, Dee Wallace, Karen Black, William Forsythe, Brad Dourif, and many others.
Moe: Mr. Zombie has some of the best actors ever in his movies. His casting is... mind-blowing!
Waggs: Fuck yeah! The Zomsemble is completely killer.
Moe: I love his movies too.
Waggs: Oh... right. His movies are killer, too.
by PDXJohnny99 May 05, 2013
An emoticon that doesn't resemble emotions of any sort, but erotica... or graphic dirty sex smut.
Here are some examples of filthy eroticons....

( o )( o ) is big breasts.

(O)(O) is big nipple breasts.

(. V .) is bra-covered breasts.

/ /   \  is doggy style.

O{<---O{< is.... um... I have no clue what that is.
by PDXJohnny99 May 01, 2013
A person that digs sperm.
She's a Spunk Junkie.

She's got the need for seed.

She loves the Jerk Juice. The Cock Cream. The Tang. The Meat Mix. The Man Milk. The Boy Batter. The Load Launch. The Nut Butter. The Jizz Juice. The Salt Shake. The White Wash.
by PDXJohnny99 August 26, 2013
RomZoms is short for Romero Zombies. The films, shows, books or any media regarding the post-Night of the Living Dead/ George Romero type zombie subgenre. These zombies shuffle slowly, groan, feast on human guts and animals... and DO NOT SPRINT LIKE THEYRE TRYING OUT FOR FUCKING TRACK AND FIELD!

Not to be confused with pre-Romero voodoo zombies either... a defining factor is voodoo zombies don't eat people alive.
Brandon: Look at these zombies running faster than this physically fit guy.
Brent: Well... they're not Romzoms. So who cares?
Brandon: But their tendons are ripped, they can barely function mentally, how... HOW??
Brent: They're just not Romzoms. No need to even compare.
Brandon: You're right, bro... Romzoms will always rule. Romero is the king.
by PDXJohnny99 April 12, 2013

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