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Whenever your cell phone suddenly dies during a text session, conversation, or any mode of communication due to battery malfunction or technical malfunction. Thus causing a period of time of uncertainty in the minds of the people you had been communicating with while the phone either stays powerless or while it reboots and reconnects.
Dave: Sorry I my phone died. I couldn't turn it on my battery fuckin' died and I had no way to call you back.
Colin: Uh... that was two days ago.
Dave: Phone stroke. It was totally down.. Lost my my charger.

Colin: Two days, dude.
Dave: Yeah. Sorry. Nothing I could do. Fucking phone stroke. Had to buy a new charger.
Colin: Well, anyway, I managed to escape from the satanic cult yesterday, but thanks for calling me back today. Glad your phone is back up.
by PDXJohnny99 April 16, 2013