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A female who, under the guise of being bohemian has many sexual partners, however the real reason for such promiscuity is insecurity, rather that liberation
'I do wish she would brush her hair, she's slept with six men since tuesday... she's such a bohoe'
by Orinoco June 04, 2006
Alternate name for the legendary egg humpty-dumpty coined by bored school children, who, after reciting the rhyme found that there was no reference to Humpty-Dumpty being an egg, and decided to give him a 'more round sounding name'
Obbledy-dobbledy sat on a wall
Obbledy-dobbled had a great fall
all the kings horses and all the kings men
couldn't put Obbledy together again
by Orinoco June 04, 2006
Slightly derogative term of endearment for a young attractive sexually active female, it is found within Aristophanes play; 'Wasps'
'Oooh, come here my little cuntlet' Said the king to his courtesan
by Orinoco June 04, 2006
An itch of the crotch
(while scratching her crotch wildly) 'this critch just wont go away'
by Orinoco June 04, 2006
Word used among middle class teenagers to describe pressing and important things to do
'how are the kids honey'?
'ok, but I still have to do that English coursework'
by Orinoco June 04, 2006
1. A person who's hair is prone to frizz, or kinks
2. A person with a freakish sexual kink (ie. jelly baby fetish)
'Oh my gads! I never knew you were such a frink!'
by Orinoco June 04, 2006
A term of endearment popular in London, usually between women
'Cow pat! How are you'?
'I'm wonderful, actually darling, you'?
by Orinoco June 04, 2006

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