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Yo mama, obviously.

Just kidding, the opposite of cool is hot, which is yo mama :P
by Not Zane September 18, 2004
In the twilight zone, an episode which showed the dissappereance of humankind, there was one guy left in the world, a bookish type of person that read all the books that he possibly could.
In the end of the episode, he finds out he had all the time in the world to read every single book in human history, the problem was, that he broke his glasses, and could not read any book. he screamed "I had all the time in the world!"

Lesson of the episode? Dont take things for granted.

Books are cool, if you find the time to get interested in one that is.
by Not Zane August 03, 2004
It means you're freaking ripped. Wood = hard = carved = chisled = ripped. Common sense for the win! However; if you are carved out of wood, be prepared to immolate easily.
To be carved out of wood, one must lift weights, and do pushups regularly. Definately not for the lazy/impatient.
by Not Zane September 09, 2004
Whenever you deliver a witty remark to someone, and completely burn them, you say "Your move, sir/ma'am"
Some dude: Your mama is so stupid, when she threw a rock at the ground, she missed! Your move, dude.

Some OTHER dude: CHECKMATE sir!
by Not Zane August 03, 2004
Highlander Was a documentary, in which, Two guys chopped off a bunch of heads with some swordsmanship you could never use in real life.

The events within, happend in real time.
Highlander was an alright movie - Sir Isaac Newton right after finding out the Universal Law of Gravitation.
by Not Zane July 21, 2004
One of my favorite bands. Their songs are pure quality, not your "Run of the mill" groups such as Nickelback.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Hey kids, did you know that Thursday happens to be one of my favorite bands?

Some random kid: Yeah, you told me a thousand times.
by Not Zane August 10, 2004
This term was first coined in the National Scientists Organization (NSO) in 1914. The theory is that the MSG in ramen noodles will be so severe, that it will turn your skin inside out.

The popular thing among kids (and my friends) is to buy Ramen noodles. Ramen noodles are very cheap and filling but after eating so much ramen, that your skin folds inside out, thus showing your organs and outer skin.

The second process begins when Alice Cooper walks into your driveway and dropkicks your mom all over the place.

The third process is such, whenever your skin folds into one piece, and your organs explode all over your house.

This is a very serious condition, in which, many cases are documented. I hope this was a safe, and informational theory.
One such case is that of a Betty Nelson. She was sitting in her house eating ramen noodles, when out of nowhere, her skin turned inside out and Alice Cooper himself drop kicked her mom.
by Not Zane July 21, 2004

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