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A somewhat mythical creature that was said to be slayed by european knights in medieval times, and were regarded as a symbol of good luck to the Chinese.

I just think they are really awesome.
Note: The below is in my Christian Creationist view, dont read this if you Are offended with my viewpoints. I am bombarded with evolutionist viewpoints on the internet each day, allow me to have my viewpoints, if you'd be so kind:

The Bible was known to mention dragons. In fact the old testament mentions the word dragon 21 times, take note of the mentioning specifically in the book of Job.

Take note that Job is the oldest book in the Bible:

Job 40:19 And of the leviathan, the greatest of the ocean animals, God said that even the leviathan could not "stand before me" Job 41:34,10

(The leviathan, also called a dragon, was noted as one of the greatest beasts, along with the behemoth, in the Old testement.)

Job was more than likely mentioning of the Dinosaurs that were living in his time.

Or, more specifically Job was probably mentioning a Whale (Hebrews translates this is "tanniynim" literally translated as Dragon, but this cant be as Job 41:1-34 mentions the Leviathan as a firebreather, (which is not surprising, as there is a beetle today which has an explosive-causing mechanism.)

The flame-breathing aspect of the above was probably a plesiosaur.
by Not Zane August 16, 2004
The way a person says "Lisp" if he has his retainer in.
Hosh: Thatsh chicksh wash pretty hotsh dudesh!!!1111
by Not Zane July 22, 2004
An absolutely hilarious interrogative question directed to any person when asking "What is the problem?"
I don't go to schoo anymo' what the problem is?!!?!??
by Not Zane September 16, 2004
Promoting the names of personal acquaintances in the hope of getting attention. Stop posting definitions of your personal acquaintances
Seriously, these 1,000 definitions about Liza are clogging up the artery that is urbandictionary.
by Not Zane September 04, 2004
Something that chicks (In their teens, mostly.) say whenever they officially lost a debate.

It is most commonly used by a person with a low IQ, who cant just tell someone to go away by theirself, so they resort to something really stupid and raise their hand in the air.

See also: How's the weather
People who say "Talk to the hand" need a heavy dose of reality.

Cheerleaders should be put in jail each time they say this.
by Not Zane July 23, 2004
Legend has it that The Penguin in Batman, once ate a penguin to gain his various powers, which include (but are not limited to) Heat vision, Barbequing, playing video games, and doing backflips while pulling a varial kickflip while doing a darkslide and a bs 50-50.
Thus, his first statement when inheriting those powers, was: "Penguins taste like babies"
by Not Zane August 14, 2004
Stay the hell away from that satanic game, the game consists of putting the tips of your fingers of both hands on the base, the eye of the piece moves around without you doing it. The piece will spell out certain things, that you ask.

I used to think it was an innocent toy capable of causing no harm. I played this game whenever I was 7 years old, when one day my nose started to bleed very VERY profusely as I was playing it, I knew after that time that that game was not a toy.

No this wasnt coincidence, I never had that bad of a nosebleed up until that point of time and only 5 times afterward which were very minute (Im 17 now, by the way)

This crap opens a gateway/
If you're a Christian like me or had a previous experience, I hope you'll have enough sense to stay away from this.
by Not Zane August 17, 2004

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