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Butt or read-end. Something I picked up from my old man.
I should get off my tookus and get a job
by Nonya December 27, 2004
-a beautiful flower
-a young woman loved by many men
-I saw a shacara yesterday
-shacara is loved by her family and other many young romeo's

ha ha ha ha
by nonya April 13, 2004
Inventor of money... King of Lydia ~2500 Years Ago. History, and not the myths, affirms that Croesus reigned, as last king of Lydia, from 560 to 546 BC, over all peoples and cities between the Aegean coast of Asia Minor in the west and the river Halys in the East, having as his capital the city of Sardis, which is between Mount Tmolus and the river Hermos.
King Croesus of Lydia became proverbial for his wealth and the prosperity of his kingdom
by Nonya March 04, 2005
when one parent is from Honduras and the other from Cuba and your ass is what they came out with
person 1 - Hey what race are you?...
person 2 - Im a Honcu bitch.
by NONYA January 26, 2005
arabic term for a whore/slut/bitch,a word u use in my home town alot (dbn mich)
Emily Paris is a big shamouta, she lost her verginity in the family bathroom,on the floor in the mall, therefor emily paris is a shamouta!!!
by nonya February 18, 2005
shane daye shaved his own off, cuz he is a f*cking loser... yep thats right.. its something thats supposed to stay ON your head, not get shaved off by YOURSELF
Shane Daye
by nonya November 09, 2003
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