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1. A woman who only dates douchebags

2. A person who uses their arms as weapons on the dance floor

3. a person names after a biblical character, but does not live up to their namesake

4. verb: to laugh extremely loud, comparable to the sound a mating hyena makes.

5. A person with extreme paranoia
I almost got knocked out by a sardis doing the running man.

The person in the cubicle next to me is sardising. I can't do my work.

Oh man, last night at the club, that sardis wanted to get on my Ed Hardy wearin' balls.
by Two-handed SSR January 06, 2010
Sardi can stand alone or be used in a sentence. Sardi can mean several things and can be used in a sarcastic tone.

Sardi can mean something is awesome, hot, sexy, or delicious.
* That girl is sardi.

* My french fries are sardi.

* Did you see the score of the basketball game? Sardi!

* I just won $x at the casino, sardi!

Girl - "Watch this dance move"

Guy - "Sardi"
by xoxo kc May 12, 2011
1. noun - a somewhat clumsy but sweet ingenue whose dorkiness makes her beauty seem attainable to boys. 2. noun - a star trek freak. 3. (verb) to amp everything up by a power of 10.
1. that poor boy, he's fallen for a sardis but doesn't realize she's out of his league. 2. you have to speak klingon to a sardis to really get her motor running. 3. this party sucks! sardis this puppy up!
by sardisfreak January 06, 2010
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