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A short term for the name Michel.
Hey, Mich!
by boblaybo July 04, 2010
Boss ass Bitch. Or any activity that is awesome, badass, or cool. Exclusively used for females as it is taken from the root "Michelle Obama". Cause let's be honest Michelle Obama is a BAB and a good role model for women around the world. Taken from the song "Boss" when it goes "Michelle Obama purse so heavy". Pronunced <Meeesh>. Origin Knoxville, Tn.
Maria sharapova is such a Mich at tennis. Noun

Oh man did you see her beat her the intruder with a golf club, that was so Mich. Adj

Wow she speaks 7 languages what a Mich. Noun

Look at her eyebrow game. It's so Mich. Adj
by MR.Monx July 29, 2014