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(n. adj.) A person who doesn't just have sex with corpses, but makes sweet love to the dead.
Ted: You heard Julia died the other day. I'm gonna exhume the corpse so I can hit it and quit it.

Phil: Not me. I wanna make sweet love to her cold dead body.

Ted: You're so Necromantic.
by NlightN1 March 07, 2013
Someone who is afraid to Google anything. Possibly paranoid of government conspiracies and their ability to track you down.
Stop being so googaphobic. No one cares what you're searching for.
by NlightN1 December 23, 2010
A blowjob discreetly performed in a public place.

The female will covertly pull out the male's penis, suck and then tuck it back into his pants upon completion. The public is none-the-wiser.
Julie gave me a suck n' tuck under those round tables at the Chinese restaurant.
by NlightN1 March 15, 2013
A new movement that is quickly gaining momentum.

F 3-D simply stands for F You 3-D. We have had enough of Hollywood pushing 3D. The F 3-D movement recognizes that it's just a scam to justify high ticket prices, and a feeble attempt to minimize piracy.

Stories are poorer overall, and movies are becoming just eye-candy for ADHD tweenies.
Ex #1: F 3-D and F you too, Hollywood!

Ex #2: When is the madness going to end? Come on people it's just a stupid fad. F 3-D! We don't need it.
by NlightN1 January 11, 2011
Definition #1:

A muscle-bound gym rat who workouts to eliminate his personal demons.

Definition #2:
A personal trainer who is skilled in the art of exercism, and helps others use various workout routines to redeem themselves.
James couldn't kick the habit of smoking, so he became an exercist. He eventually exercised his demons away.

Ex: 2
After Nick got turned down by every girl in school, he went out and got an exercism. The Exercist gave him a 5-day workout plan to follow religiously.
by NlightN1 January 30, 2011
When it rains while you're out on a romantic date. You're both wet.

She invites you to her place, where you both have sex with your clothes on. The friction caused by you two tumbling around generates enough heat to dry your clothes.
During that storm last Saturday, Jenny invited me in to give me a tumble dry.
by NlightN1 March 15, 2013

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