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Insanity and craziness that cannot be defined.

Excessive laughter caused by being too high or too drunk.
Please, just STOP the madness! I can't handle the madness!
by Meggy C (W/ the help of Philly!) February 28, 2006
The Madness is a term used to describe a serious condition that occurs in slutty promiscuous women, that have had repeated anal sex to the point that they actually crave it, compared to traditional vaginal sex. This condition usually occurs in young teenage girls, but it is not uncommon for it to effect females in the age range of 17-26. Other serious STD's & diseases like, HIV/AIDS, herpes, & anal warts are found in patients with The Madness. There are many different warning signs that may indicate the presence of The Madness which include any type of radical behavior pertaining to sex like, the fascination of Bukkake/Gokkun/Seminophagia, extreme sadomasochism, and a fascination with fisting, rimming, and rubber anal toys. There is no known cure for The Madness.
Hey bro! Did you hear that, the girl, Becca from our History class has The Madness?

Betsy guessed her daughter had the madness, after finding a box full of rubber fists, and anal toys underneath her bed.
by mryork December 05, 2009