31 definitions by Nitro

high speed from the start line (short for acceleration)
dudes nos stang will win the race, with ax like that.
by nitro November 05, 2003
Completly bust, broken, messed up
"haha, you b0rked it!" "I can't, it's b0rked"
by Nitro April 27, 2003
A pokemon that likes ass fucking
I choose you assfuckiechu!
by Nitro October 08, 2003
kickass word that means nothing
by Nitro March 02, 2003
See everyone I hate in teh woerld
by Nitro March 02, 2003
a snack or small meal; usually for anirexics who do not eat that much
yo i gotsta grab a snackie ba' fo we bizzle up outa hizzle

transla: hey i got to grab a snack before we bounce uo out of here
by Nitro April 29, 2004
A man who can't keep his beef bus off the dirt road.

See asspirate, homofag.
So... Didja hear the Phippy's a Royal Canadian Rump Ranger
by Nitro April 12, 2004

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