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A website running Linux that is going to be user-based: A Patriot that is Silent.
The SilentPatriot had an inner rage against the slander to his country.
by Nitro February 19, 2004
The store I work at. Gets lots of retarded customers
"I'd like to return this"
"You can't"
"Why not?"
"It's against our policy. Sorry."
"Your policy sucks my cock"
"*BANG* splatter"
by Nitro March 02, 2003
Magic the Gathering
I my paper crack
by Nitro March 02, 2003
Gajo, Macho, Tipo
Este 64d j00 é lame!!!
by Nitro April 19, 2003
Any woman after good sex.
by Nitro October 20, 2003
An alternative for saying "wb" or "welcome back" when someone re-joins you in chat over the internet.
by Nitro April 27, 2003
Something a retard says, or a way of telling someone something they just did was stupid.
just shout "DOY!" at someone.
by Nitro April 27, 2003

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