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The definition of Ewna Lady is simply stated the rankest filthiest dinga to have ever walked the face of the earth.
The Ewna Lady is the name of the library receptionist at Bally Boys Library.

There are several requirements that must be met for a average woman to be classified as Ewna Lady. So far students Paul 'Oh Puh Kick' aided and abetted by his fellow student Marko 'King Leonidas' Peter 'Shot Pete' Abijah 'Black Magic' and many others have compiled this checklist to allow others to identify Ewna Ladies around their homes and workplaces.

1) An Ewna Lady must have been working at the School/ Workplace/Institution for at least a minimum of forty seven million yen.
2) The Ewna Lady despite working at the School/ Workplace/Institution for such a period of time has absolutely zero authority. She does not even have the authority to ask someone how little authority she has.
3) The Ewna Lady must be very short around three to five foot.
4) The Ewna Lady must be extremely ugly to the point of inducing vomiting merely by thinking of her face and actually bearing witness to her results in the gouging out of ones own eyeballs.

In the scale or rankest mingas on the earth the category of Ewna Lady is the highest. This is closely followed by Swamp Creature proceeded by Lagoon Monster and then What The Fuck Is That followed next by A Bucket of Yuck.
Shot Pete "Excuse me i really gotta print off this assignment for next class can you please turn the computers on?"
Ewna Lady "I dont have the authority to turn the computers on."

Ewna Lady "Every book i pick up is sticky"

Ray Ray Rankin "Ey you ah ah ah Charley Farley Harley."
by Ninja Mc Stealth Kill July 27, 2009
The term rookie error is a non gender specific term used in many contexts to describe an act which a individual has performed poorly or inexpertly, due to their status as a rookie, while in the presence of their mates, who upon witnessing the failed attempt will shake their heads and say 'rookie error' to the embarrassed individual.
Any act which ends in a failed attempt can be classified as a 'rookie error.' However the word rookie error can only be used by friends of the individual who witness the failed attempt.
This term is deeply imbedded in Bally Culture and is a popularly used term in Bally Slang.
9 out of 10 scientists agree that rookie error's become more frequent and increase in stupidity with the consumption of alcohol.
Rookie error's are most commonly performed by dirty mokes who try to show off to impress their mates or any attractive females that are present. However all people have experienced a rookie error at some point in their lives.
The word rookie error has become synonymous with the term Epic fail and is used in much the same way to degrade and further embarrass the individual. As well as to signify their status as an amateur at the act which they were trying to perform.
variations of the term include:
rookie, rook out!, rook and ook
Example 1:

A group of male friends go to the drive thru at Maccas and one friend asks to order a whopper. As one the rest of his friends turn to look at the individual and shake their heads while saying "Rookie error"

Example 2:

A group of friends are chillin at the crib with a few beers one person has a corona and attempts to twist the top off and fails miserably. The friends notice and watch with amusement as the individual struggles to twist off the top until one of his friends takes pity on the stupid fool and grabs the beer off him and pops the top of with a bottle opener hands it back while saying "corona's aren't twist tops you hectic rookie"
by Ninja Mc Stealth Kill October 04, 2009
A word used to express delight or happiness as used by the famous Bally Boys Mathematics Teacher Ray Ray Rankin. A stalwart soldier in the mathematics world who also goes by the code-names Captain of the Silver Bullet, Banger of the Greek Goddess, The Peck Master, Disciple of the holy Coroneos and The Colonel.
The word first came into common use after Ray Rankin's year 12 mathematics class heard him utter the phrase when they asked for help with a particularly difficult maths question. Ray would then look at the question utter the phrase Puyah and explain to the student that the question was a bastard and they were right to ask the colonel for help.

Since then the word has been used greatly outside the mathematics context as an exclamation of great delight or happiness often mostly associated with the spotting or scoping out of attractive females. When one particularly good looking female is sighted Bally Boys students have been known to turn to their friends and say Puyah! in a ode their greatly admired maths teacher Ray Rankin.
When a hot chick walks past it is traditional for a bally boy who was in Ray Rankins maths class to utter the phrase Puyah! at the top of his voice.

Ray Rankin "Puyah! Ow Max. You Sick Fuck. Jamie you sweat when you breath. Enough of that puffy shit. Ey You. Eh Eh Eh Charley Farley Harley."

Shot Ray this is dedicated to you. Puyah!
by Ninja Mc Stealth Kill July 27, 2009
a slang word used in colloquial conversations to allude to ones testicles this is usually done when the individual has a large penis.
Example in conversation "Listen man your boy's gotta calm down on swingin' dem testiclots around."

"Nigga you gonna knock some lut out flicking your dick like that. And for god sakes put your testiclots away."
by Ninja Mc Stealth Kill August 18, 2008
Bernie Maccing is slang for finishing a cigarette or joint very quickly by smoking the entire content in a single long drag.
One who is trying to finish the smoking content in a single drag is attempting to Bernie Mac the cigarette.
In order for the drag to be classified as a Bernie Mac the individual must attempt to smoke the entire blunt, spliff, joint, cigarette, cigar in a single long and deep drag as made famous by comedic legend Bernie Mac in the movie Bad Santa.
It is common knowledge that Bernie Mac died of pneumonia brought on by smoking a massive twelve inch joint in a single drag while having a massive Chronic session with Snoop Dogg.
Bernie Maccing a joint has been scientifically proven as the best way to by-pass the puff puff pass rule when smoking with mates.
The term Bernie Maccing a cigarette/joint originated in the Balgowlah region of the Northern Beaches, Australia and has become ingrained in Bally Boy Slang and penetrated Bally Boy Culture to a significant degree.
Friend 1 "Yo Dude Bernie Mac the shit out of that blunt so we can get back to the party."
Friend 2 "Oh fo sho my nigga i'mma hit this shit."

Black Guy "Shit nigga its the fuckin one time you better Bernie Mac that joint before they gaff your ass and send you to the pen."

Person 1 "Yo watch me Bernie Mac this cigarette."

*Person 1 takes a ten second drag and starts coughing terribly*
Person 2 "Hey man you best stop Bernie Maccing these cigarette's your lung capacity is good but you aint no Snoop Dogg
by Ninja Mc Stealth Kill November 06, 2009
The Man Shed is an elusive and little known building in the region of Fairlight Sydney where certain individuals who exceed in the art of manliness go to smash down Campari and other well known alcoholic beverages.

The Man Shed came into being with the arrival of the Lord family into the Fairlight area. David Lord who goes by the alias Papa D moved to the Gangsta Ass Region of Fairlight and took with him his sons Finley and Tom they were also accompanied to Fairlight by their cousin Tom from England. Though from where in England no one really knows.
On the eve of their house warming party the trio decided to invite their Black Ass O.G. Ice Kold Killa friend over for some drinks. Now at this time the Black Man was forced to keep his behavior PG rated due to the presence of underage girls in the house. It is suffice to say that the O.G. failed miserably at this. However the trio then revealed to him the awesome spectacle that is the Man Shed in this sacred and most holy of sheds the Black Friend did not have to modify his behavior and ever since that day the boys have bin smashing down campari and other alcoholic beverages in the Man Shed and the black friend did not have to worry about receiving disapproving looks from Papa D's lady Kel when he failed to keep his pants on and his behavior PG rated.

This is a true report of the first occurrence of the Man Shed. After this day Man Shed began popping up all over the country with increasing regularity due to the groundwork put in by the Lord boys in making the Man Shed a place where Men and their Biznitches can go to have on off chops night.
Finley "Fucking Campari"

Tom "Oy Paul when are you next sesshing up the man shed!"

Tom "Ey boys come on over to the Man Shed so we can put in some ground work before hitting the clubs on the prowl for skank ass hoes"

Ray Ray Rankin "Ay you you sick fuck"
by Ninja Mc Stealth Kill July 27, 2009
A word used to describe the Manly region of the Northern Beaches in NSW Australia as used by a select core of Bally Boys students.
Though Man Town refers to the entire area of Manly it means in particular the pubs bars and nightclubs that line the corso including Sharkbar, Boat Shed, Henry Africas and others.
Examples as used in conversation.

"Hey whose keen to sessh up Man Town."

"Where you off to"
"Man Town."

"Hey lets go sessh some DF time."
"Yeah sure what do you wanna hit up?"
"Sharkbar DF."
"Esh Man Town."
by Ninja Mc Stealth Kill July 27, 2009

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