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5 definitions by Newby2

A car, usually old and funky.
"Are we rolling your hoop (hooptee) or mine?"
by Newby2 December 27, 2007
Young, innocent girl
"I'll give you ten dollars and you can be my tender."
by Newby2 December 27, 2007
A log comprising a list of numbers called on a telephone, be it a landline, cell phone, or Internet-based (IP telephony, Voice over IP), usually recorded by a "D.N.R.," dialed number recorder. Technically, a DNR is the recording apparatus itself, but the term can denote one of a number of sets of data, e.g., intercepted text or instant messages, faxes, procured through a court-ordered electronic communications intercept. I think this can also mean any evidence-level phone log or conversation. A DNR is part of communication collection equipment used by law enforcement, investigators, the government, and other entities.

This is probably one reason why gangsters uses burners or throwaway phones. Another is that law enforcement entities can remotely listen in and record conversations through remotely activated speaker/mic systems in the target's celly -- even with the phone turned off.
We procured his D.N.R. with a pretextual query.
by Newby2 December 27, 2007
"Cock" also refers to female genitalia. Used mostly by African Americans in Richmond, Oakland, San Fran.
She was on hearing the common gutter pejorative declaration, "Go suck your mama's pussy, cocksucker."
by Newby2 December 27, 2007
A collection of credit cards, usually
stolen, and usually from the same person, with the intent to illegally use it or sell it to others.
"Vanessia be layin' up in the motel with a whole motherfuckin' bunch of spreads."
by Newby2 December 27, 2007