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Means weed or to smoke weed or how you feel after you smoke weed. Derived from the baseball player Jim Leyritz
Wanna get Leyritzed? Got any Leyritz? Damn, I'm Leyritzed.
by Netch July 16, 2004
Drunk. Or to get drunk.
Holy shit, I'm dronst. I'm a little bit Leyritz too.
by Netch July 16, 2004
Past tense for raw snag.
Ash raw snagged us but his nuts were so small we didn't even notice.
by Netch July 16, 2004
becan is the same thing as a pecan but said differently because of a speech impediment
Two scoops of butter becan please.
by Netch July 15, 2004
a person with 1/2 a pair of testicles.
That guy is such a mook I bet hes a sidecar.
by Netch July 15, 2004
Thomas W's favorite movie in the entire world even though he and everyone else knows it sucks.
Hey guys wanna see the Transporter? It's got this really cool Chinese person in it and she's kind of funny. I'm chinese too so I can kind of relate because of my small Asian penis.
by Netch July 15, 2004
John Allen Bee's nickname because he acts so gay all the time.
Hey wanna go over to butt darts house?
by Netch July 15, 2004

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