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Pontius Pilate's fwiend from Wome in The Life of Brian. Biggus Dickus has a wife named Incontinentia Buttox you know.
Let me come with you, Pontiuth. I may be of thome athithtanthe if there ith a thudden crithith!
by netch October 06, 2004
Another word for mansechs.
Rage3d = teh manches
by Netch July 15, 2004
A rag that is used to skeet into when you are wacking your dick. They are usually kept under your bed or by the computer and can be made from an old t-shirt or sock which ever you prefer.
Brutus has used the same catch rag since 4th grade. It's his lucky catch rag.
by Netch July 15, 2004
Forum filled with mansechs. One big sausage fest with 2 maybe 3 girl members.
Justin Credible is so cool everyone at r3d wants to be his friend and all the girl members want to ride his pen0s.
by Netch July 15, 2004
A pornographic magazine used to aid with beefing it.
Thomas had a closet full of jack mags until his mom found them and grounded him for it.
by Netch July 16, 2004
When a man sticks his peener in another mans butthole.
Farnell was punked in the duke by Casey Cockril.
by Netch July 17, 2004
Redneck for computer.
I found it on the proputer. You know the enternet. Dubya Dubya Dubya.com
by Netch July 15, 2004
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