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79 definitions by Neil

A derrogatory term for a Japanese Person.
Hey you stupid Japo.
by Neil September 23, 2004
A person who is a pedophile and an emo.
Like IGN user AdrianG4. His girl is 8 years old and hes an emo. Sad.
by Neil February 26, 2005
Means AWESOME, but made for cool 1337 gamers and nerds. Usually reserved for most extreme awesome things. Coined originally by Neil Nguyen during a game of paintball.
man, when that fat chick punched you, it was Pwsome!
by Neil November 26, 2004
Another word for shit.
Shnite! What the f*ck were you thinking?
by Neil December 23, 2003
to put in ones anus
"i took out my dildo and rammed it home"
by Neil October 21, 2003
its a combination of me and you, used intead of we, its more intimate...its muuw..
you can listen to muuwsic...that would mean me and you listeniong to music
i love doing that with muuw.
by neil November 14, 2004
A cheap whore.
Stokes' mom is a dirty whore.
by Neil February 21, 2004