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The Filipino word for vagina.
I'm going to shove my ***** into your pookey!
by Neil December 23, 2003
A ladies part
She had a fine little frou frou
by neil July 01, 2004
A skid normally by a bicycle or motorcyle that is performed by putting on the rear brake only and swinging the back of the bike round to one side so the bike skids sideways.
He did a broadie on his push bike
by Neil December 14, 2004
A very crappy indian dance.
Don't go to the Asian mall they are some hosses there.
by Neil March 31, 2005
pointless but fun...
^.^ o_O <u,u> =^o^= >_<
by Neil November 15, 2004
To be a fake gangsta
Man those sagars think they are that but they don't throw down
by Neil March 31, 2005
was born here in okc. there is not shit here but my grandma, grandpa, uncle, and cousin, i will be back to see all of you.
i'm not forgetting you James on 10th st.
by Neil March 24, 2005
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