78 definitions by Neil

Zill with blue hair.
Similar to human, from the planet Nezilla.
Nezill ducked behind the pillar to avoid being seen by the mercenary.
by Neil December 26, 2003
Right after you drop a huge one and go to grab a piece of TP and it is all re wrapped up like someone has used it and took too much.
O shit who the fuck pulled a rewrap?
by Neil December 08, 2004
when you and a group of friends go out for a night, looking for some fine young mung
Trevor and Jacob go munghunting every other saturday
by neil December 06, 2004
A deaf sense of smell. Lacking the ability to smell odors.
His shit really stank, but having a cold made me sneaf.
by neil November 01, 2004
An abode, commonly a member of the fungus Kingdom in which gnomes of the Skurdish family reside. Occasionally a site of extreme trippiness.
What is a domissary? Am I high?
by Neil April 17, 2004
You're wasting your time with those two; they're tongue-and-groove merchants.
by Neil February 17, 2004
another name for blow job
Roger always enjoys a juicy banana liquor on the weekend
by Neil February 09, 2004
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