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a fat lazy person.
tim for example
by neil December 29, 2003
An ancient tiawanese slang word which quite simply translates into english as 'cool dude'. Can also have a seperate meaning 'amazing at scrabble'
'wow, i love you you lienrrrg!!'
'you won, your so lienrrrg!!!'
by Neil February 27, 2005
you dont want to konw
she stank of flapsnot man!!!1

her flap snot was so sticky o_O
by Neil November 15, 2004
A person who is fimiliar with the internet, it's functions, technologies, uses and best business practices.
A customer who purhcases a hosting account from webxprt.com is considered a webxprt, a savy Internet shopper.
by Neil December 03, 2003
Originated from Snoop Dogg, the famous rapper, he attached the word 'izzle' to the foreletter/s of random words, replacing the originals to create a rather funny(or lame) catchphrase.
*In the normal english language*

Anon: For sure.

*In 'gangsta' speak*

Anon: Fo shizzle.
by Neil September 16, 2003
verb meaning to unleash fiery destruction on unsuspecting peasants.
Trogdor burninated the village without mercy.
by Neil July 29, 2003
to fargle somebody. to have intercourse. sexual pleasure.
hey baby, fancy a go fargle?? ;) ;) ;)
by Neil November 15, 2004

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