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weak- adj./ To suck.
Dude, this is weak.
by Neil December 23, 2003
"A hidden Ben is where one person engages in sexual intercourse with a girl while a friend hides in a closet masturbating. When the friend in the closet is about to cum, he runs out and gives the girl a facial. The term originated from the hit TV show Just Ben."
Person 1: Yo man, Ryan was fucking some girl, and then Ben jumped outta the closet and gave her a Hidden Ben
Person 2: Shit!
#sexual intercourse #cum #facial #ejaculation #intercourse #person #masturbating #masturbation #closet #girl #tv
by Neil June 19, 2006
an extended sleep in the morning
Roger always looks forward to his lie-in on Sunday mornings.
by Neil February 09, 2004
High Maintenence Bitch
Jen is such an HMB.
by Neil March 05, 2004
any group of organic compounds that collaborate with sugar, starch, cellulose, gum and other crap and servers as a major enregy source in animals. made by plants that need sunlight fo photysynthesis.
how many carbs in that sub jared? carbs? fool this is atkins!
by Neil March 08, 2005
A small oompa loompa like creature that feeds off of philosophy and coffee.
I went to Starbucks only to find a Vini attacking the waitress.
by Neil March 27, 2005
variant spelling of lesbian
'Aye,' affirms Margaret-Anne as they walk off. 'Fuckin lezbeans.'
- Christopher Brookmyre, 'A Tale Etched in Blood and Hard Black Pencil', Little Brown, London, 2006, p281
#les #lesbean #lesbo #lez #lezbo
by neil January 02, 2007
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