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The action of a female squating down on another persons face while menstrating.
I gave Rachel a red carpet squash last night!
by Natalie February 02, 2005
when referring to a woman being pregnant... the oven is her utreus
"She's got a bun in the oven"
"Oh my god! Is she really PG?"
"When is she due?"
by natalie January 01, 2004
A die-hard fan of the enormously talented Ryan Malcolm. Malcolmaniacs are those who keep up to date on Ryan's career, buy his albums, attend his concerts, chat on his message board, or anything else that may contibute to supporting his career.
Malcolmaniacs are the best fans a guy could ever ask for!
by Natalie February 15, 2005
The hilarious and talented keyboardist/tambourine player of pop-rock band, Rooney.
Louie is is totally rad.
by Natalie March 27, 2005
This is a term used when someone, usually a girl wears an item of clothing that is tacky, cheap and just plain wrong.
Q) What is she wearing?, the colour is crap and it's 3 sizes too small.

a) Fashion Road Kill
by Natalie August 10, 2004

1. to show sumone wassup in a fight..to fight

2. put in money to cap bud or drugz
1. throw it down homeboii...
2. nigga throw down at least 10 dollarz so0 we can cap a gerb
by NATALIE July 16, 2004
someone who is so unbeliveably stupid, they don't even deserve the right word for it
OMG, shstoopid, you're not supposed to smell that!
by natalie June 12, 2004
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