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4 definitions by Nagem

have you ever seen idle hands? its a way to cheer people on. or an exclamation of excitement.
"you can do it!"
"go go buffalo!"
"omg thanks, my confidence was just boosted so0o0o much!"
by nagem December 27, 2003
adj. A non-word, created to express a large number of something.
Combines the words 'big' and 'million'.
Of course I know where it is, Carl, I have driven there a bigillion times.
by Nagem August 30, 2004
n. Slang for the male genitalia
Yesterday, on my date with Joey, he showed me his ungentlemantly weapon
by Nagem August 30, 2004
"Why does the lamp shade say what would jesus do?"
"No! Its says what would JASON do!"
"Oh ok"
by nagem December 27, 2003